Solving tough problems with automation

  • Automate processes of any complexity
  • Solve the test environments nightmare
  • Automate your entire application delivery

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We love digging complex issues in mid to large IT organisations that require both respect and courage to drift cultures:

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  • We specialise and in our niche we are better than big consulting companies
  • We stay independent from software vendors and cloud providers
  • We are able to design, deliver and mentor

Automate processes of any complexity


Data processing is done manually:

  • Throughput limited by headcount + High error rate or low data quality
  • Legacy applications not flexible enough
  • Business rules are too complex
  • Generally available RPA solutions are very expensive and cannot handle the complexity

Flow100 - The RPA with reliability and performance as priorities

Our solution outperforms all the big ones:

  • Guarantee to finish 100% of processes
  • Ability to fix issues in running processes in production
  • Can handle high load in distributed architecture, e.g. telco service provisioning
  • Zero license costs in case we develop and operate
  • Meets all requirements of a modern standard IT system, no hacks and exceptions

Solve the test environments nightmare


Test environment management usually already is or becomes fast a challenge in any bigger organisation:

  • Test environments don’t meet expectations in terms of stability and cost of ownership
  • Test data are not available and strategies like data refresh and anonymization have reached their limits
  • Each team has a different approach to infrastructure and application automation making difficult to reach a common goal

Multi-disciplinary solution

This problem is a nightmare because everything is connected:

  • Application automation including legacy systems
  • Test automation include test data provisioning
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Engineering practice evolution in general

We have specific approaches for the required components, but we also have the ability to design and execute a roadmap that will stay achievable and make progress towards solving the nightmare.

Automate your entire application delivery


Many can deliver new digital applications or even platforms that meet the newest expectations. But few want still to bother with the legacy landscape:

  • Old monolith applications prevent any faster innovation
  • Working in the legacy teams is unpopular
  • Legacy teams are overloaded with keeping systems up and running
  • Nobody has knowledge and time to improve

Those applications are then the bottleneck for the entire organisation.

We have heard many times plans to just decommission old applications as fast as possible. The problem is that fast means several years.

True continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)

Instead of waiting applications to be replaced, progress can be done now already:

  • Introduce versioning and CI/CD where nobody would have hope
  • Accelerate integration with creative solutions like 100% reliable and code based RPA layers
  • Apply strategies to split monoliths in (micro)services

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